Friday, April 8, 2011

whoever invented the public library... THANK YOU!

dear camera manual that i've never taken the time to read until now:

so glad we decided to meet.
thus far i've learned quite a bit.
including how to set the timer so i can be in pics with katers.
this is us reading library books yesterday:

i set the camera to take 7 shots in a row and this is the only one that turned out-
obviously i have a lot to learn

that girl loves booktime.
so does her mama.
it's nice to just sit and be still for a bit.
tv's off, no music playing... just me and the kid enjoying our simple life.

and then we read all the books in the stack and she's back to throwing tennis balls around the house.
dang that jancer for teaching her how fun that is.
at least her aim is getting better [yikes]

thanks for educating me,


Tyrel said...

Love that Pic! It could be in a magazine. I also love how clean your bedroom is and your bed is made too! I don't think my bed has been made since the Clinton Adminstration.

Anonymous said...

Cherish these moments. They are precious.

Sarah said...

What an adorable pic! You are doing great, for every 100 pix there should be about 10 that turn out so 1 out of 7 ain't so bad :)