Wednesday, April 20, 2011

he's back!

hey there woog!

glad you could rejoin us.
hope you had a fun couple of days without us.

sorry you were abandoned in a parking lot again.
sorry that you had to be towed [i'm sure it wasn't comfortable]
sorry the tow truck dented your muffler.
sorry you're stuck at a auto shop until we pick you up tomorrow morning.
sorry people like to take you away from us.

tomorrow we're buying 'the club' in hopes of keeping you around for a few more months.
i love you and everything but i cannot wait to buy a different car. [after graduation--jancer promised]
you're high maintenance. 

welcome home woog.

ps. jank says you have one more chance. get stolen again and you're outta here!



Sarah said...

Holy Moly! Glad you got it back!! I cannot believe it has been stolen twice! Yes get the club, good idea!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad it's back! I feel bad you have to keep going through this.

Diane Hansen said...

When you decide to sell Woog, check with us first. Maybe we can buy it.