Friday, April 1, 2011

hello spring!

dearest most loveliest miss spring:

this scene makes it almost impossible to think about moving in august

i feel that it is time to officially welcome you into our lives again.
you have been thoroughly missed this past year.
i would like to welcome you back with an open-mouthed kiss.

yesterday i took miss kate and miss e on a walk to celebrate the return of spring to utah.
the walk took an hour but we only went a few blocks.
every tree was touched.
every fence was hugged [i don't understand this one]
every electrical cover was drummed on.
and every flower was inspected.
walking with toddlers is awesome.

the sunshine and warm temps are slowly drawing me out of the funk i've been in this week.
this morning katers and i wandered around the outdoor mall in slc.
she watched the kids playing in the fountain while i let the sun warm my face.
the change in me was tangible.
i could feel the sun infuse me with patience and love-
those golden rays pushed out the oppressing feelings of frustration and discontent i've been harboring. 
and man oh man, that felt good.

and then katers and i read books in b&n.
she cried when we had to leave.
she is my daughter through and through.
how i love her.

thanks miss spring for being so beautiful and for showing up in my time of need.
mr jancer thanks you profusely.


ps. a note about mr jancer- he deserves an award for putting up with me this last week. if not an award, then definitely a bacon double cheeseburger. maybe in between conference sessions??


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Kerrianne said...

I love this picture. You should make black and white and frame it! Adorable :)