Sunday, April 17, 2011

lightning does strike twice

dear friends,

anyone want to buy us a new car?
we currently have a need.

jancer's car was stolen.
and no it's not funny........
ok, it's kind of funny.

let me know if you'd like to buy us a new car.
i sure wouldn't say no to this one:

yes, this one will do nicely.
please and thank you.

thanks friends!

the jancers

ps. maybe the thief will nicely abandon woog in a parking lot again.... at least we can hope.



tiff snedaker said...

Holy Crap! Where is it getting stolen at? Totally weird.

Anonymous said...

NO WAY!!! That is terrible!! If I could buy you a new car I totally would:)

Anonymous said...

Crazy! You arent the only one!

Landon just had his Honda stolen this weekend too. 2nd Honda of his to be stolen in the last 2 months. 1 from in front of my parents house, another from in front of a hotel.

Strange strange world....


Tyrel said...

Are you freakin kidding me? That is insane. Just go and steal someone's VW. It seems only fair.

Anonymous said...

Maybe all your friends on facebook could each send you $5 or $10 dollars.....that might add up to a down payment at least. Just a thought.