Monday, April 11, 2011

happy birthday!

i often joke that i have 4 kids-

[listed in chronological order]
child #1 is jankyface [sad but true; i feed him, pick up after him and love him unconditionally]
child #2 is the imac [thanks scootchers for convincing us to buy it!!]
child #3 is kate [so glad she's mine]
child #4 is my blog


yesterday was your birthday.  
you're one now.
so grown up.

i look back on how you've grown and it makes me happy.
when i started writing letters i was struggling to find balance in my life.
i wasn't the most joyful person but i was trying to be.
now, i'm content and happy with where i am and with who i am.
and that's big.

to celebrate i made a cake and let kate smash her face in it.
[as if i need an excuse to make a cake]

please excuse the awesomely striped couch, it's comfy but ugly.

you are my confidant.
i use you to remember the good days and the bad.
the amazing and awesome adventures that come with raising a child,
and the frustrations too.

i write stories about work that i know will bring a chuckle when i reread them later in life.
heck, i even laugh while writing them.
ER patients are a different kind of lovely aren't they?

i tell you about the little things that make me smile:
macdos, reading books to kate, cake, shopping, jancer, traveling...
in the hopes that when someone [whether current friends or future posterity] reads this,
they will feel like they know me a little better.

you're my journal.
because of you i have a better memory.
i'm able to recall specific days and events [something i have never been able to do]
and that's all i hoped for when i started you a year ago.

thanks for letting me work through my struggles with you.
and thanks for letting me celebrate the good times with you.
a coworker [hi johnny!] recently said to me 'you seem much happier'.
i am.
i owe that in part to you bloggy.

thanks for everything.

much love,



Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Blog! I wish I had reason to make a cake right now. So did you guys decide if or where you are moving to yet??

Your moving right? I think I read that post one time...

Nanna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOGGY!!!!!! What a wonderful year it has been. You have been one of my life lines to my granddaughter and for that I grateful.....thank you. I feel like I should send a gift ;o)!

Kayla said...

@sarah- moving possibly. it all depends on where jank gets a job. we're still hunting right now. i did a job search for nyc the other day and there are some prospects. jank's on the fence about nyc- i'm all in!!!:)

@mom- send gifts!!! the blog LOVES jcrew gift cards. hint hint.