Friday, April 22, 2011

i now have muscles

dear body,

i apologize for not exercising you more.
it's always on my to-do list.
every morning i have great intentions-
but rarely do they pan out.

normally i feel rotten about my lack of overall fitness.
but not today.
today, we made up for all those lazy days...
we walked for 45 minutes- back and forth [and back and forth] from the bedroom to kate's room.
every 10 seconds or so we stopped to do dead-lifts with 23 pounds of writhing toddler.
every other 10 seconds or so we squatted to kiss the still writhing toddler and said 'ni-ni'.
[and never once did i lose my cool, a vast improvement from days past!]

overall i say it was a great workout.
at least my back is killing me and that's a sure sign of a good workout right?
and now we can relax and eat some skittles and enjoy the peaceful silence.

doesn't everyone celebrate a success by playing with photobooth????

dear body of mine, i sure hope we don't have to do this workout much longer.
it's been a few days since we started it and i'm already exhausted.
at least we only have to do it once a day since the toddler cooperates at night time.

you're doing a great job scrawny body,
you deserve a hot bath tonight.

ps. for all those thinking 'maybe katers doesn't need a nap anymore?'... i say to you- fooey!! and i have the video footage to prove it. that child NEEDS her naps at this stage. however, i fear she will start phasing them out shortly. then when will i blog?????

pps. wondering why this workout plan is necessary? it goes something like this..... no more binki=kate climbs out of crib=kate sleeps in pack and play=kate climbs out of pack and play=we convert kate's crib to a toddler bed=workout!! phew, just typing that exhausts me. 


Kelli said...

I love the Photo Booth celebrating! Miss your face. Can't wait for a Triple K when I get back.

Kelli said...
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Sarah said...

Wohoo! Way to go Lady! No need to worry too much skinny minnie, your little girl will keep you movin!
Love the pix