Tuesday, April 26, 2011


to whatever caused the power outage last nite:

thank you!

having no power forced jank and i to read.
me: chic-lit [thanks kel]
jank: a book helping him get ready for his august certification exam [booooorrring]

the house was silent and i could hear the rain hitting the windows.
we lit candles and read and talked and ate ice cream.
it was pretty romantic [which jank took advantage of. sly dog]

we forgot to turn off the overhead light in kate's room when the power went out [before bedtime]
so when it came back on, her room was ablaze in light.
it didn't phase our exhausted peanut though.
she slept right through and didn't wake me until 0700.

i think we're all settling back into normal sleep routines [naps included].

you can knock our power out anytime
[but only for an hour or two, any longer and it's just annoying]


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AJD ∞ said...

those nights are always perfect. found your blog and loving it! so sorry about your stolen vehicle. that's horrible!