Friday, April 29, 2011

matchy matchy


striped shirts w/ v neck cardigans 

it has come to my attention that we dress alike.
this is completely my fault.
i do all your shopping and i basically just buy whatever i'd want to wear.
so we're twinners the majority of the time.
i don't even notice until we've left the apartment and someone says-
'oh how cute, you guys look alike'
i never wanted to be that person.
the person who wears mommie-daughter outfits.
oh well.
i say we rock it out for as long as we can
because soon you'll have an opinion about your clothes.

i'm not going to lie- 
i'm dreading that day.

ps. pic taken @ the red iguana [yeah for restaurants that live up to the hype]. i told jank i've quit living like a student, so we're dining out more. not the most financially sound idea....

pps. did anyone else notice that we're less than 100 days away from the gloriously mind-blowing and life-changing graduation day??? as katers says- YEEHAW!!


~johnny becky hazel~ said...

I think you two are the cutest!

Bon Bon said...

You two ARE the cutest, and totally rocking the matching look!:-) xoxo

tiff snedaker said...

You're just passing on your good taste to your child! :) I like the matchy matchy.

Sarah Jane said...

That is hilarious! Too bad they get opinions, my little girl decided she wanted a disney princess swim suit the other day. I about threw up in the store, but I did tell her she could pick it out! Dang!