Saturday, April 2, 2011

a girl and her noon

dear app store-

you are the devil.
stop convincing me i need new apps.
instagram was the first in a series of purchases including [but not limited to]....

-angry birds rio [which jank and i play on separate devices while laying in bed and then exclaim to each other 'how did you pass that level' and 'what is up with all those pinneapples?']
-talking tom [makes kate giggle every time]
-hippocolors [for kate]
-about 4 different alphabet games [again, for the kid]
and my new obsession...

i discovered today [during conference when i was listening really closely] that i could combine instagram and colorsplash.

exhibit a:

kate and her balloon

and now i'm addicted to my phone.
even more than i already was.
curse you app store.

mrs jancer

ps. that balloon deserves it's own letter.... dear ballon, thanks for making katers laugh tonight. waiting in that long line for you was worth it. also, thanks for not minding that katers calls you 'noon' [she's working on the whole talking clearly thing]


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