Monday, April 4, 2011

to grandma's house we go

dear interstate-15:

two things are a guarantee when we drive on you for longer than 30 min--

1. i will become very irritated with the utah drivers that drive the speed limit in the far left lane. hello! i would like to go 80 mph, kindly move over or i will tailgate you ruthlessly. i also may honk my horn at you [this i do sparingly since it makes jank nervous that someone will become enraged at my proper use of the car horn and kill me. silly mr jank]

2. jank and miss kate will fall asleep leaving me to ponder the cosmos [but mostly i think about the internet and how glorious it is]

thanks for giving me time to think deep thoughts.
also thanks for the car pool lane.

grateful for the quiet time,
mrs jank

ps. i LOVE when your speed limit changes to 75 [but please make the signs bigger because those other idiot drivers still think they have to go 65. not good for my road rage...]


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