Thursday, March 17, 2011

eating at restaurants brings me joy


congrats to you- nana of three grandbabies!
i love that i'm congratulating you and not BB who did all the work.
but that letter will come tomorrow once i have see the little guy and taken 50 bajillion pics of him.
so for today-- congrats again!

aren't new babies just magical?
i bet you're so jealous that later today i get to go to the hospital and love on him.
[sorry to rub it in]
but don't worry, once you guys return from egypt you'll fly out here lickety-split and get your nana-loving on.
so don't go and get yourself blown up while you're over there.
[i really mean that!]

in other news...

 @ texas roadhouse. katers ate about 4 rolls and we called it good and 
didn't order her a meal. we're great parents like that.

we miss you and we miss going out to eat!
that sounds horrible i know, like all you're good for is paying at the restaurant [couldn't be less true].
but it's so nice that you spoil us when you're here and then you leave and we go back to eating like college kids and we cry.
ok, no one cried but i have had one hell of a time getting back into the cooking mode.
meals this week consisted of sandwiches, cereal and a crockpot dinner that totally didn't turn out.

at least it's my birthday weekend and jank is taking me out.
yeeeeeaaaaah for birthdays!!

so thanks for birthing me so i can go out to eat.
[that just sounds weird. i'm off my game today]

ps. every time we get into the car miss kate says 'nana? nana?' she's always disappointed when we pull up to the grocery store and not your hotel.


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