Thursday, March 10, 2011

proof i am an unfit mother

EMS crew of engine 21-

from the bottom of my embarrassed heart- THANK YOU!

sorry you had to come break into my car and rescue my kid.
you were much faster than your counterparts from last summer.
i super promise to stop locking my keys AND my kid in the car.
[but at least this time it wasn't 100 degrees outside]

thanks EMS dudes!

ps. my favorite part was when the police officer asked me "now WHY do you keep doing this?!" i looked him straight in the face and replied "because i am an idiot". pretty sure he's going to call DCFS on me.



Kelli said...

What? No picture of a stoic Kate with the paramedics?

Tyrel said...

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Jank,
Please tell the police to call off the search for the "car thiefs." I was not stolen, I ran away. Mrs Woog and I are taking a stand. We do not like being poked and prodded by men in uniform (Mrs. Woog likey, me, not so much) on the basis of forced entry. We don't like the spectacle of having neighbors stare at us because a fire engine is parked behind us. Please do not draw attention to us again or one morning you might wake up to find us both gone, headed to Mexico.
Mr. & Mrs. Woog
PS - That microwave was given to a nice Mexican family to enjoy.

KRISTIN BELL said... be. Kidding.