Tuesday, March 8, 2011

still loves to swing

dearest most favoritist month-

march, i love you.
and not just because it's my birthday month 
[i'm shocked i haven't mentioned this yet! it's already 8 days into the month!]
i love you because of the hope you bring.
the promise of warm weather, flowers blooming and birds chirping...
nothing is better than spring.
easily my favorite season.

enjoying the sun. nice face janky

i love wearing my mint green rain boots.
and sweaters and trench coats.
i love how the sun feels on my face and seeing the snow melt.

this girl always has a smile on her face. i love that.

i'm so glad you're here mr. march.
i was getting really sick of miss february.
she's boring.

well hello tiny preggers! any day now......

update:: i wrote this a few days ago when it was spring. now it's winter again and i'm ticked. go away snow! we don't like you anymore.

in like a lion, out like a lamb.....


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Kerrianne said...

I wish Brandon and I could spend more time with our nieces! Can't wait to meet our little nephew :)