Friday, March 11, 2011

waiting sucks.

to my unborn nephew-

um, hurry up.
i'm not a patient person and i want to meet you.
will you have hair? what color?
will you have a dimple on your right cheek like your daddy?
will you be a snuggley baby?
[please, please be a snugglebug]

will you be a ball of happy energy like your sister?

don't let this demure shot fool you.

or will you be a shy child like your cousin- who NEVER looks at the camera when i desire her to. 
tsk tsk katers!

miss kate's hair! it's growing!
bangs and sunglasses are something i can't figure out- someone please advise.

well, little man... we're trying our hardest to get you to come while nana is here.
we all thought a little walk might do it.

nana's rocking her new toms and i am sooooo jealous.

the walk was unsuccessful as far as going into labor is concerned. [it was even uphill!]
however, being outside and feeling the sun on our backs was awesome.

it looks like nana might miss your entrance unless you come before 0800 tomorrow.
[i offered to break your mom's water but she just looked at me with a look of disgust. apparently that's not kosher. whoops]

so fine- be stubborn [just like your momma] and come when you feel like it.
but let me just say there is nothing fancy about waiting until 38 weeks. 
37 weeks works just fine-- trust me, okay?
i'm the brilliant one who knows everything [and you should never forget that]

ps. it's my birthmonth so you have to do as i say. case closed.


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Jamie Page said...

Tell BB that I think she looks AMAZING for being 9 months prego!