Tuesday, March 15, 2011

i promised never to spank.....

to my naughty little stinker:

this is how i found you yesterday.
i heard the 'tink tink tink' of the bell we keep on your dresser and i knew what you were doing even before i entered your room.
i knew your dad would love to see you in action so i grabbed the camera and snap photographic evidence of your mischief.
then i disciplined you [timeout corner] while trying not to laugh.

child, you have never been the adventurous type.
you don't climb high, run fast or jump far.
but this was the sixth time [!!!] i've found you on your dresser.
clearly time-outs aren't working, so now what?
guess we're going to do a little furniture rearranging so you don't break your neck.
although, i think a fall off the dresser would be the best lesson for you.
[please no one tell DCFS that i said that... they already have enough evidence against me]


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