Saturday, March 12, 2011

who doesn't love a donut?

hi dad!

glad to hear you're back from toronto safe and sound.
i returned mom to the airport this morning so she should be back in your arms by now.
thanks for letting us have her for 11 days-
it was great.

the next time i see you, you'll be a papa x3.
isn't that just awesome!

i thought of you this morning after i dropped mom off.
it was early [0800 on a saturday- ugh] and the sun was peeking through the clouds and the mountains were beautiful.
i thought about all those saturdays when we would all work together in the yard.
it felt so good to be up early and productive.
i really should try that more often but my soul loooooves to sleep.
and who am i to deny my soul anything?

christmas 1991. we were so cool-
 but not as stylish as mom in her gold shirt! yoowza.

i decided to channel my inner haskins and stop by the bakery for some donuts.
remember how you would always buy fresh donuts for the weekend?
i wanted anything with chocolate, bb had old fashioned, aaron had 'frinkles' and i can't remember what brandon had...was it just a plain sugar??
i loved that tradition.
what's better than waking up to a plate piled high with donuts?!
nothing i tell you.

jank was over the moon excited when i told him i had donuts and chocolate milk for us.
kate had one bite and promptly spit it out.
i swear she's not my offspring-- how does she not like sugar???

thanks for the great childhood and the donuts.
love you.


ps. mom- i took a 2 hour nap today so don't worry about my lack of sleep. hope your flight was good and i hope you're feeling better!


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Nanna said...

Have I seen these glasses somewhere? Oh, they look similar to the ones in the earlier post "waiting sucks". You wear them oh so well now!

Miss you already. We had such a good time....thank you!

Love mom