Tuesday, March 29, 2011

highlights of my day

playing at the park with katers and liz... fun until they started running into the street.
why do toddlers have to be so frustratingly independent?

i may or may not have eaten an entire sleeve.... i'll let you guess what happened.

i worked a night shift on saturday nite and i still haven't recovered.
all my work friends are reading this and rolling their eyes.
sorry night-shifters, i'm just not as hard core as i used to be.
i am 28 now- i guess the years are starting to wear on me.



Kelli said...

Definitely not rolling my eyes. I was thinking of calling you today to see if you had recovered yet and also to see if you had forgiven me for leaving you...

Sarah said...

I am impressed if you managed to eat an entire sleeve of double stuff! I prefer the regular but what I love even more is the Trader Jo Os. Do you have Trader Joes out there? If you do, get their oreos, they are so fresh and de-lish!