Friday, March 18, 2011

a nephew

Harrison Tyler Allen-

born on march 17 @ 0102
5# 15oz. 
19 inch.

well hello there tiny man!
so glad you could join us.
we've been waiting for you.

everyone's excited you're here-
i think your sister is the most excited of us all.
you should see how her eyes light up when she looks at you.
she adores you already.
oh man, are you two going to have fun together.

so glad you're healthy
[and cute]
thanks for letting me snuggle you.
can't wait to get to know you!

ps. thanks for giving your mom a relatively easy delivery. after a month straight of contracting every 5 or 10 minutes... well, she deserved a complication-free delivery. [way to go BB!!!]



Sarah said...

He is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

He is a beautiful baby. Tell Brittney congrats from me. Diane