Friday, March 25, 2011

a guaranteed way to make me smile


it's no secret that i love you.
i'm not ashamed [though i probably should be]
you make me happy.

today it snowed.
it was pretty for about 10 seconds and then i was annoyed.
kate slept until 1000 because the storm clouds obscured the sun.
that was awesome.

we had a playdate with a 3 yr old named alia.
she taught kate how to play in the toilet.
not cool.

i was thoroughly annoyed after the playdate-
seemed like the kids spent the majority of the time fighting over toys, not playing.
and it was still snowing.

so off we went to the golden arches.
and there i found my happiness.

i told myself i would order a diet coke [to offset the mcnuggets of course]
'diet coke. diet coke. diet coke' i chanted to myself the whole time i was in line.
'would you like a large coke with that happy meal?'
next time i'll be better.

after lunch kate and i snuggled and read books on the couch for the better part of an hour.
she was freshly bathed and smelled scrumptious.
her blond curls tickled my cheek.
i think i kissed her a hundred times.

i just decided--
it was a good day
thanks macdo's.

much love,
the completely satiated jancers

ps. kate ate her whole meal plus some of mine. woot woot- it's an eating day!


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tiff snedaker said...

Sounds like you should have had the playdate @Micky D's. And now I'm not ashamed to let you know how many times I take my kids there too. Most people would be horrified. You, however, understand.