Wednesday, March 23, 2011



thanks for calling yesterday.
it was nice to hear your voices [if only for a few minutes]
i feel like the parent and you guys are my kids-
off galavanting around the world.

i can't wait to see all your pictures.
the dead sea... nazareth... the sea of galilee... capernaum.
and that's only the first few days!

glad you're enjoying yourselves.
all's well here in utah.
the sun shone for a few hours yesterday and that made me incredibly happy.

i saw harrison again.
he's still super tiny- he looks just like liz did at that age.
he was all snuggled in his blanket and his eyes were open the whole time.
bb says he doesn't do much sleeping and apparently he loves to eat.
he's a content baby thus far [hopefully he stays that way!]

b thinks she looks bad. silly girl looks a-ma-zing!
thanks m+d for good genetics.

keep the updates coming.
we love to know about your adventures.
but let's not text anymore at 0230, okay?
you woke jank up [not that he cared, but still]

love you both,

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