Monday, March 7, 2011

good and bad: a morning rant

good: woog was found!
bad: we received this news @ 0156. i had just barely fallen asleep [normal for me] and was enjoying a naughty dream with jake gyllenhaal thus i was thoroughly ticked when jank's phone rang.

good: woog appears driveable according to the officer @ 0156
bad: hearing that woog appears driveable does not inspire me to get out of bed, awaken my babe and package us all up to go pick up woog just to realize it's not driveable. 'just have it towed' i mumbled to jank, 'i'm pretty sure insurance will cover the fee'. jank has car towed. woog is now impounded and we [not insurance] have to pay the fee. jank is now mad at me- whoops. five guys for dinner me thinks.

good: i don't like being awake before 0900 and most days katers humors me and plays quietly in her crib until 8/9ish. i love her everyday for this.
bad: today she pooped herself awake and i was the lucky person who got to stumble out of bed and change a disgusting diaper @ 0700. so not cool.

good: leftover mile high fudge brownie pie for breakfast.
bad: i see absolutely no bad in this.

good: jank informed me last night that he only has 3 rotations left-- psych [which he started this am], the VA and a 3 week rotation in july that is TBA.
very good: we're almost done! words don't do my excitement justice.

and this concludes my morning tirade.
i'll now return to eating pie and watching tarzan with kate.
[oh man, nap time can't come soon enough today]

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The Leeflangs said...

That is the worst story I've heard in a while! Big bummer! sorry that happened! I hope everything works out in your favor! That sucks big time!