Monday, March 14, 2011

my commute

City of Salt Lake:

you are a charming little place.
i like you but sometimes i have difficulty calling you downtown.
you just don't feel like you have enough hustle and bustle.
and you lack architecture and height.
any decent city needs lots and lots of skyscrapers, everyone knows this.

growing up 20 minutes from downtown St Paul was awesome.
i didn't take advantage of it much [except the science museum!!] and this is something i deeply regret.
my sister was way cooler than i and would go downtown with her friends.
i was always jealous of her and her adventures.
but i digress, this is a letter to you, SLC.

SLC- you are a magical place in the dead of winter when twinkly christmas lights are everywhere.
and the spring! oh the spring is a glorious place time to visit you.
the tulips in temple square make me smile like an idiot.
i think a visit to those tulips is in order [once the weather clears- boo hiss rainy dreary day]

mostly my interaction with your city occurs in my car.
my weekly commute in and out of the city occurs around the hours of six pm and six am.
this drive is also mostly made on the weekends.
because of the crazy hours i keep i get to see the city deserted.
and a deserted city is kind of eerie and awesome.
a couple transients, a police car or two and maybe a jogger are the only ones on the street at six am on a sunday morning.
and this allows me to stop my car in the middle of the street, get out of my car and snap this picture:

i know it's not the only pretty thing in SLC, but it is rather beautiful.
 especially when the sun is coming up over the mountains.

seeing this building at 0720 after a long [only 11 hours thanks to DST] shift makes me happy.
because after a shift full of saying things like:
'please sir pull your gown down, your penis is showing... again'
'please can you stop saying the F word?'
'coworker! don't throw my patient's clean needles away! what if my heroin addict patient needs them later?!' [because i know i'm not going to stop them from using and everyone is entitled to a clean needle]

after all that- seeing the temple really calms my soul.

ps. did i really just use temple and penis in the same paragraph? oh my



Kerrianne said...

We went to the science museum yesterday. It was awesome,we saw King Tut! We plan to go back for sure!

Brittany said...

Kayla- only you could use 'temple' and 'penis' in the same blog post and have me laughing out loud. You love thwarting the Darwinian process of evolution in SLC!

Kristin Ann said...

You kill me. I love your face. Please don't leave. It will make me incredibly sad and lonely.