Saturday, March 19, 2011

yeah for grandparents!

Diane and Kevin-

we can't say THANK YOU enough for taking our little munchkin this weekend.
i wonder how much sleep we'll get??
probably an embarrassing amount but i don't care.
it's birthdaaaaaaay weekend!!

here are a few helpful insights into kate's life-
[just to make you're weekend easier and because you know i'm a control freeeeaak]

-- when kate stands in front of the fridge and says 'nononono'... it means milk. yeah, we don't get it either.
-- she likes to have as many books as possible in her crib when she goes to sleep- we try to limit it to 4 or 5 otherwise she ends up sleeping on top of them and then cries because she's uncomfortable.
-- i packed 3 movies just in case you need them- 'babeee movie' is jungle book 2, 'AAA' is the letter factory, and 'elmo!' is of course elmo.
-- you know her well enough to know that she doesn't really eat. carbs, fruit and milk are our fallbacks.
-- she likes to lay on her stomach and drink the bath water while thrashing around like a fish. she ends up getting water up her nose so don't freak when she starts crying and holding her face. she'll learn eventually about cause and effect... hopefully.
-- she'll con you into reading a bazillion books before going to sleep... enjoy the snuggles!
-- if you forget to put an overnite diaper on her before bed, you'll hate yourself in the morning.

see you sunday miss kate!


we can't wait to party like rockstars!



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