Tuesday, April 5, 2011

so long my dear friend

farewell mr binki

the second after i cut him, panic ran through me and i thought 'what oh what have i doooooone?!'

you have served us well.
you can go to binki heaven knowing you executed your purpose perfectly.

i will miss you terribly as will miss kate.
she sat in her carseat this morning mumbling 'bwoken, bwoken'
oh how she loved chomping on you in the car and before bed.

last nite wasn't too horrific-
kate went down without a fight.
she was up three times but only for a few minutes each time.
this morning i thought 'the worst is over! we rock at this no binki stuff!'

i wasn't even thinking about nap time.....
and now as i sit here typing this letter to you,
i can hear katers jumping and playing and talking in her crib.
and i have to wonder-
are we done with naps because we no longer have your soothing presence?
please say it isn't so!

sorry to see you go, but it was time.

much appreciation,
the jancers

ps. 45 seconds after i hit publish, katers started crying. it took me 5 minutes of back tickling to get her calmed and then i saw the blessed eyelid flutter and heard the deep breathing of a contented child. the universe is being far too kind to me... something's brewing.



hmullin said...

I must say that is why I haven't taken away george's nuk yet. When I took away Henrys the nap went away with it. He was about 2. So maybe you will be ok...

tiff snedaker said...

I hope it continues to go smoothly for you! Rowan had his until 2 1/2 and it was the HARDEST thing ever to take it away. About a week of total hell. I'm glad Kate's doing ok without it...the question is - will you do ok without it? ;)

Anonymous said...

I think the binki is more for the parent than the child. It was for me anyway.