Thursday, April 28, 2011


dear future home:

i would very much like you to be on a street such as this one-

also if you could look like this house, 
that'd be great.

jank and i found this home last fall on one of our car rides through the valley.
it's located in federal heights and i think i gasped when i saw it [being dramatic is such fun].
i'm a sucker for white trim and shingle siding.
i'd definitely cut back those bushes in the front to let more light in.
and can you just imagine me curled up on that deck reading a book?
that'd be awesome.

some people might say that a detached garage is not practical.
i say 'a garage!?! booyah!'
a place to store bikes and trikes and cars?? 
yes please.

future home, you have a lot of hoping and dreaming to live up to. 
currently my 'house inspiration' folder in iphoto contains 325 photos.
and my 3-ring binder full of magazine clippings is overflowing.

here's hoping you're everything i hope you will be!


1 comment:

Ashley said...

oh. my. gosh. This is So dreamy! I cant wait until hubby and i move out of our little condo :) I lovvve this house!