Thursday, July 28, 2011

back from yuma

well we're back and we survived the july heat in yuma.
it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be
[except the flight from phoenix to yuma- worst flight of my life!]
yumans [that's what yuma peeps are called. weird i know] are the nicest people i have ever met.
our neighborhood is awesome.
the picture above is the backyard of the house we're renting.
who wants to come visit???

i had a successful interview for a position in the ER.
'successful' means they hired me despite my inability to coherently form a sentence.
promise it was that bad.
good thing they are 13 nurses short and couldn't really say no.
i'm not so sure i'm ready to work 13 nurses short... that sounds like a disaster.
fingers crossed some other RN's find their way to yuma before all the snowbirds overrun the ER.

we found an amazing daycare for kate to go to while we both work full time.
jank and i spent half a day driving around to the recommended daycares and let me tell you, some were downright frightening.
the decision to put her in daycare was a tough one for us.
we're not opposed to daycare, we've just never needed to use one so this decision was the one that weighed the heaviest on our minds.
i was sick with worry until we toured a wonderful school with a equally wonderful staff.
i feel so much more at ease with the move to yuma now that i know how well kate will be taken care of.
i just hope she adjusts well to all these changes....

it's going to be one heck of a year for the jancers.
but at least we're done with school [FOREVER!!!]
i can't wait to attend graduation in 8 days.



ATTrio said...

um yes I will come and visit! That pool looks wonderful :)

What an exciting adventure!

Woohoo almost done with school!!!

Kerrianne said...

I still can't believe you're moving! I'm glad you got the job down there. Brandon and I will come visit soon :)