Monday, July 18, 2011

summer and swings


well little one, we survived the week.
you watched more movies and ate more mac and than i care to admit.
but at least we made it with our sanity intact.
[i might be exhausted to the core but that's the life of a night-shift RN/mom]

there was a few times last week when i actually felt like a proper momma.
it was mostly anytime i took you outside on a walk or to the park.
the swings remain a favorite of yours.
you would swing for an hour if i could tolerate standing in the blazing heat.
[why doesn't someone build a public swing set in the shade???]

thanks for being so tolerant of my poor mothering.
and thanks for taking such long naps this week [they were heaven-sent i'm sure]

i love you more each day.


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