Wednesday, July 6, 2011


dear july,

i fear that you will not get the attention you deserve.
we should be spending the dog-days of summer lounging in the pool and eating popsicles.
instead we are spending hours looking for a house to rent in yuma, worrying about my looming job interview, stressing about jank passing boards, packing up the apartment... and so many other things that hourly consume our minds.

we are headed to bear lake this weekend to spend some time with jank's family.
i'm hoping we will be able to slow down and stop worrying about everything.
there will be much card playing [rob knows hand and foot!! i knew ashley found a good one]
and way too much unhealthy food consumed [my grocery list is pathetic]
it will be so nice to sit at the cabin and be still.
well, as still as you can be with toddlers.

but even all the stress can't ruin this good summer.
we spent last night with our good friend jack and tyrel and their kids.
we had great mexican food and then let the kids run off all their energy in the backyard.
krew and kate went on their first date- in a barbie jeep.
i love the picture of all the crazy blond curls, all messy from playing so hard in the summer heat.


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