Monday, July 11, 2011

bear lake

jackers and miss ty-
[that's what we call you guys when you're not around. now you know our secret]

just wanted to say thank you again for letting us use your family cabin for the weekend.
minus the bat [did i mention there was a bat?!] it was a wonderful weekend.
food, family and sun.
all the makings of great memories.
the hansen clan loved it.

indulge me in a recap:

logan didn't always have amazing food options but cafe sabor is one of the two restaurants i miss truly and deeply [the other is firehouse- i'm tempted to drive 90 minutes just for their focaccia bread]
lucky for us there is a sabor in bear lake. 

we finagled our way onto a private beach [thanks mom for teaching me the art of finagling].
i even got in the lake [twice!] which means the water wasn't too cold.
bear lake is one of the prettiest places i've ever seen.
kate was a peach- she spent hours digging in the sand and swimming in the lake

kate had a ridiculously good time playing with all her cousins.
she skipped her nap both days... until she couldn't fight the exhaustion anymore.
on saturday zoe rocked her to sleep and then received the coveted sleepsnuggle for 20 minutes.
nothing sweeter than a sleeping toddler. other than zoe of course.

ryken and kate enjoyed story time with grandma.
these two discovered a new favorite activity- running in circles while shrieking.
good times.

the cabin sits right on a golf course. 
the combination of green grass with the caribbean blue lake in the background is pretty rad. 
we spent some time on the course hitting balls. 
happy to report i am still better at golf than jank. 

thanks again to the saunders family.
we had a blast.

ps. matt [my bro-in-law] scrubbed the tubs until they sparkled. i've never seen a man clean so intently. i just wanted you to know who to give the credit to when you pull back the shower curtains and are blinded by gleaming white bathtubs.



Sarah Jane said...

How fun! And can I say how much I miss Firehouse too? I seriously am craving right now with this pregnancy! Looks like you guys had a great time in Bear Lake!

Tyrel said...

ooohh, i like miss ty, i think i will make jack call me that :) Thanks for enjoying bear lake! Marci said you guys were very neat guests. just think in 19 more years it will be part kates, when she is married to krew of course.