Tuesday, July 5, 2011

lunch on a bench

to the marketing team for disney:

i always said i would never buy any food item just because it had my toddlers favorite cartoon character on it.
i mean really, does kate need to eat elmo granola bars or have big bird crackers?
a definite no.

but when she refused to eat for almost an entire day 
[i normally can get at least 2 decent meals in her]
i broke down and bought a mickey mouse shaped snack/lunch for katers.
and oh boy, was she excited.
she didn't even want to wait to get to the park to eat it.
and when she finally sat down to eat, she didn't stop until she was finished.
the whole meal was punctuated with giggles and exclamations of 'oh toodles!'
[mickey mouse clubhouse is the new fav around these parts]

well played disney, well played.


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