Wednesday, August 31, 2011

an added plus- everyone sleeps well after a swim.

dear yuma house:

you sure are a step up from our apartment in slc.
i keep losing kate in your 1800 sq feet [she's typically hiding in a closet]
it's so nice to have space to run and play.
and having a garage is heavenly.
but our favorite favorite thing is your pool.
we figured out the best time to swim is 7pm.
the sun is setting and we can turn on the light in the pool so kate can yell [40,000 times] 'light!!'
the air is cooling off [100 degrees instead of 110] and the pool is the perfect temperature.
yuma evenings are perfect.

here's to many more wonderful days and nights spent in our pool.

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paula said...

we dream of having a pool one day. Such fun!!!!