Monday, August 15, 2011

big day tomorrow


tomorrow you take the PA boards.
you're going to do great.
don't forget to eat.
and don't forget to take your ibuprofen, cuz y'know a headache is inevitable.

i love you a ridiculous amount.
can't wait for tomorrow to be over!

kate just made me go in and kiss and hug her tiny yellow-haired dolly good night.
earlier she 'hid' all of her books in her empty closet and yelled over and over 'where did it goooo?'
lil' stinker doesn't want to go to sleep tonight.
maybe the packing and craziness is finally getting to her?
she keeps asking for you and i keep telling her how much her daddy loves her.
she replies in her sweet voice 'love you daddy'.
when you're nervous tomorrow just think about how embarrassed she gets when we catch her singing-
it'll make you laugh every time.

ps. big congrats to mr red who got engaged tonight!!! oh man are we excited for you guys! yahooooooo

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