Thursday, August 11, 2011

doing much better. cakebites fix everything

tuesday nite i felt a part of me return to normal.
i think the first trimester brain-freeze is slowly slipping away.
i'm still irritable and easily overwhelmed, but it's getting better.

today peanut and i went to the pool.
that little girl still cracks me up daily.
she won't let me take her sandals off [and i don't really care to] so she swims with her shoes on.
she doesn't use her arms, only kicks her tiny legs furiously to get where she wants to go.

after exhausting herself thoroughly at the pool,
she feel asleep laying by her bedroom door snuggling her stuffed wolf.
i just barely picked her up [after an hour of sleeping] and moved her to her bed.
she's still sleeping [it's 1730]
jank's going to have a late night with her since it's my last nite of work.
but let's not talk about that, the tears will start a-flowing.

i treated us to a dozen cakebites from sweet tooth fairy tuesday nite.
survey says: cocount and chocolate mint are the favorites.
wonder if yuma has a sweet tooth fairy?
let's hope.


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Becky Foster said...

Oh man those look good! That has to make any day better.