Friday, August 26, 2011

growing a baby requires lots of pink lemonade and potatoes.

dear baby jancer-

today we're 16.2 weeks.
we had a doctor's appt and all went well.
we got to see you kicking and squirming all over the ultrasound screen.
your heartbeat is strong and you are 1000 times more active than your big sis.
wonder when i'm going to start feeling all those kicks and squirms?
i hope it's soon.
because that was my favorite part of kate's pregnancy-
laying in bed and feeling her squirming and reassuring me that all's well. 
[not that she did that much, she was practically comatose the whole 9 months. lazy stinker]

the mystery remains if you're a girl or boy.
we tried desperately to see but you were moving too much and it's a little too soon to tell.
i think you're a girl.
your dad's going with boy.
we'll see who's right.
kate changes her mind every other day on whether she'll get a 'bruder or sisser'

my belly size changes constantly.
yesterday i barely looked pregnant.
today i look 26 weeks.
hope i look not so pregnant on monday when i start my new job-
i still haven't dropped the 'i'm pregnant, aren't ya glad you hired me???' bomb on them yet.
that's going to be fun.

keep growing strong and healthy little love.
see you in 4 weeks.




Kerrianne said...

You look great! Glad baby and mommy are doing well. Keep us posted when you find out the sex :) We are SO excited for you guys!!!

Kelli said...

You are adorable! You can always tell work..."I thought I was just eating too much...I seriously just found out!"