Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i had to stop flipping through the fall jcrew catalog b/c i was getting emotional

i saw this photo and teared up.
my hormones are officially out of control.

i'm so excited for our move to arizona. really i am.
but this move is not without stress.
and right now the stress is killing me.

i find myself sitting and staring at the wall instead of packing.
i wonder how it will feel to swim on Christmas instead of play in the snow.
to trick-or-treat in shorts.
and to welcome the new baby in february with just a onesie and not a snowsuit.

it will be great.
i know it will.
but right now i'm going to cry about it.
because that's how it goes somedays.



Becky Foster said...

Ah, you'll end up loving the warmth during those times. Our first Christmas in Texas was weird, but then when we could go outside and not freeze it was kind of great. You could put fake snow in your bushes like my neighbor did.

Sarah Jane said...

Sorry Kayla! Hang in there, i'm sure it will be great. My bro and his fam live in Mesa and LOVE it down there! I'm sure you guys will too!