Saturday, March 26, 2011

'here comes the sun'... a classic

to jankyface:

jank jamming to the beatles and me making a weird face.
[we are incapable of taking good pictures]

i miss you.
having the apartment to myself for the last 24 hours was great.
running errands without having to buckle, unbuckle, buckle [repeat x20] a toddler was so easy.
but i sleep poorly when your warm body isn't next to mine [stealing all the covers]
and i miss seeing your crazy morning hair.

i'm still crazy jealous that peanut snuggled and slept next to you for 3 hours 
she NEVER does that.
it's not fair.

can't wait to see you after my night shift!

mucho amore,



Kerrianne said...

As funny as a face you are making, you look really pretty! :)

Becca said...

just stopping through your blog! very cute!!


Anonymous said...

Love the expressions :) Diane