Monday, August 22, 2011

we survived the drive.

greetings from yuma!

this blog post means the internet is connected and the imac has been unpacked.
we celebrated the computer being set up with some photobooth fun.
it never gets old for us.

we have yet to swim in the pool-
it's on the agenda for today after kate wakes up from her nap.
we are so excited to have our own pool.
every time i get overwhelmed with unpacking, starting a new job this week and everything else-
i just look at the sparkling blue water in the backyard and it's all ok.

a quick recap of our travels and fun::

:: we had plenty of help moving in thanks to the fabulous church members here and not one thing shifted or broke thanks to all the help we had packing the truck.
:: we've eaten at every single fast food joint possible [oh boy is my belly growing...and jancer's too]
:: we had a blast in vegas. kate saw people dressed up as woody and buzz and mickey mouse- she was in heaven. jank and i loved being able to walk and stretch our legs after driving for 7+ hours.
:: miss kate did phenomenal on the drive. she watched way too many movies and didn't fuss much. the second day was definitely harder than the first but both went better than expected. stopping in vegas for the night proved to be genius. we all needed a breather from the car/uhaul.
:: i almost puked 50 times on the drive from vegas to yuma. the road was a one lane road through the desert and was the hilliest and windiest road i've ever driven on- twizzlers saved me from starvation since there was no where to stop for miles and miles.
:: jank drove the uhaul like a champ and didn't kill any small children with the 26 foot truck. a success as far as i'm concerned.
:: kate had an awesome time trying to poop while sitting in her car seat- eventually i had to pull over and let her stand in the passenger seat while i waited outside the car in 120 degree heat [she hates people watching her go the bathroom. understandable but still.... 120 degrees for 5 minutes ? not cool kid]
:: kate's room is set up and she is almost back to a normal sleeping schedule- she's currently getting her molars so that's not exactly helping but she's been a trooper and i couldn't be more grateful for her sweet disposition.
:: i've only cried once [and only for a few minutes]- which is better than i thought i'd do. it was last night after i hung up with my sister and walked into kate's room to kiss her goodnight. i told her that bb loved her very much and she said 'love bb and tyyer and harry and liiiiz'. oh man did that kill me. yuma will be fantastic but we won't stop missing all our family and friends.

thanks for all the support!



The Leeflangs said...

So glad you made it. You are all troupers in my book. Make sure to take baby bump pics once you start showing :) I love checking your blog. It makes me smile!!!

ATTrio said...

Sounds like the trip was a success! Can't wait to see pix of the pool. Yes I think I would do the same thing if stressed, just go look at the pool. That would always cheer me up. Miss katers is hilarious!

Way to go, I prbly would have cried way more.

Thistles Home & Gift said...

(tear) but oh so happy for you:)

Sarah Jane said...

good luck! I'm jealous of your swimming pool!

Becky Foster said...

I know how hard it is to leave family. And it's worse when your child has her cousin to play with. I hope that you all adjust quickly and love it there. How fun that you have a pool.