Sunday, October 3, 2010

an aunt named ki-ki


hi sis!

i was thinking about you yesterday as i watched general conference. 
i hope that your first conference weekend was wonderful.
did you know that conference isn't just on sundays?!?
yep, it's on saturday too.
(jank didn't know about the saturday thing until he was in high school)

conference goodies- the lemon drops are to cleanse the palate

i hope you had lots of goodies to eat.
in utah it's a big deal to have lots of goodies.
 and many families have special "conference treats" that are only made twice a year.
mormon utah culture is so funny like that.
i made cookie dough.
and i barely ate any.
and by barely i mean 3 bowls.

kate (well-supervised as always)

on my way to work i had to pass through downtown salt lake.
there were people everywhere.
men in white shirts and ties.
women in pretty dresses.
and although the congestion almost made me late for work,
it was nice to see so many smiling people.

as i was taking care of an inebriated patient, one of my coworkers said
"it's conference weekend, people aren't supposed to get drunk!"
(they were kidding)
if only that were true-
then i would not have needed to body-slam his drunk butt back into bed. 
(it was sweeeeet)

hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine was.
and i really hope we get to see you soon.

missing you.




Thistles said...

Ooo! Good conference goodies! We are sorely missing our traditional trail mix, maybe I need to start some of mine own like you did! Love the coke in the little bottles...oh how I miss it! So cool also that CJane commented on your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Coke for Conference....REALLY?

Kerrianne said...

I had no idea conference would be last weekend... and I live with the Bishop! I did miss Saturday but was able to watch Sunday (dont tell anyone but I think I was the only one to not fall asleep!!)
I wish I had your job, it sounds so entertaining.
I wanted you to know that my day started out REALLy bad. I was so crabby and wanted to just walk out of work and never come back. I read this blog and now I am smiling :)
I love and miss you guys!!!!

Brittany said...

Kayla- You look like a little mini-Martha in your cute apron. Dang that cookie dough looks good! We had a scone party at my parents after conference! Love those Utah traditions :0)
Also, is Anonymous being serious? EYE ROLL!!!!!