Thursday, October 28, 2010

off to bed

feeling much better, thanks for asking.

but my creativity is zapped so no letter today.
maybe it's the cold...
it's probably the impeding move to a smaller apartment (but newer and nicer and cheaper!)
i sure do love the excitement that a move brings but hate, HATE the stress.
thank heaven for awesome family members who are willing to help- thanks everyone!!

until the creativity returns, i will leave you with this pic of kate.
because no one should have to go a day without looking at this adorable face.

kate story:

she hasn't cried in the car for days. i've probably jinxed it now. bummer. it's been wonderful. instead of wailing and gnashing her teeth and vomiting she reads books and makes faces at me in the mirror. what a difference it is to feel calm when driving and not be swerving all over the road because i'm reaching for something to distract her. today she showed me her teeth. as in smiled big and chomped repeatedly. i died laughing.


1 comment:

tiff snedaker said...

Where are you moving to? I love Kate's hat. Yes, she is adorable. And I'm glad you are feeling better. :)