Monday, October 4, 2010

summation of mrs jank

things that make me smile:

my toddler waking up from a nap with a dent in her forehead. as long as the dent is from sleeping soundly on her 'olivia' book and not from a scuffle with evil martians. (you have been warned evil martians- DO NOT take my kid again. you will not survive my wrath)

realizing that i unintentionally dressed katers as my mini-me today. ruffled tank-yep, cardi- always!, skinny jeans- of course. man, did we look adorable. too bad i didn't take a picture to prove miss kate wears more than pajamas.

pretending i'm from the deep south and calling my daughter "katie grace". no one is allowed to do this but me. no one.

flipping through the stack of magazines that have been piling up for over a month while sitting on the couch watching mindless TV and finishing off my conference coke. (as in coca cola. the legal system and my husband frown upon cocaine use)

things that make me say 'grrrrr':

stepping on crumbs on a kitchen floor. i wear slippers year round. sweeping takes more energy than putting slippers on. no judging.

when jank leaves the volume cranked to high heaven in my car or on the computer. ohhhhh, there are words when this happens. and he always says, 'wasn't me'. yeah, like it's little katers who stays up late listening to heart murmurs turned up so high it freaks the neighbors out. can you just imagine- having to listen to a never-ending LOUD beating heart for the last week. creeeeeepy!

teething. incisor coming in along with the 4 molars that keep coming and going. enough said.

things that make me do both:

being told no less than 4 times today that i have a 'very outgoing child'. i'm totally mystified by her behavior. she said hi and goodbye to EVERYONE. and blew kisses to all she encountered.

maybe that dent is from an outer-space lobotomy....



Kelli said...

The picture makes the post. I love how you pointed out the dent. :)

Thistles said...

Katie Grace...I love it!

Sarah Jane said...

Kayla, I love reading your blog! You crack me up. Its like a pick me up when I'm at work, I need a little laugh so I come read your blog! Your Kate is adorable by the way!