Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the first meet


you called tonight to tell me that your OB appt went well.
i'm so glad.
is there anything more nerve-wracking than growing a baby??
you're doing a great job.
12 meals a day is totally normal.

after we talked i got to thinking about the early days...
you know when the girls couldn't destroy a room in 2 seconds.
those were the days!
remember this?

were they really that little?!?!?

i love that liz is staring at your face with purpose.
and i love kater's little foot stuck out there for me to smother in kisses.

oh, i can't stand that i have to wait for 24 more weeks.
hurry up little baby and get here!


1 comment:

Thistles said...

Aww! I love this picture of them! I cant believe they were ever that small either! So fun going to the farm with you yesterday we need to do fun stuff more often:)