Saturday, October 9, 2010

shopping ban

heaven help me.    i've been cut off.    and i did it to myself.


i LOVE to shop.
i'll freely admit it.
especially at your store.
but our budget just got tighter with me cutting back my hours.

can i do it?
one year without anything new.
(underwear excluded. duh)

i seriously doubt it.
but i'll certainly try.

so far i've done well.
yesterday i went to two different malls looking for shoes for kate.
grrrrrrr, the lack of shoes for skinny feet!!
and i didn't buy anything for myself.
it was horrible.


but not that horrible because i found something great at your store
(where i was torturing myself by "just looking")
this hat was meant for adults but it fit kater's and that was that.

at $7.80 i think it was necessary.
and jank agrees.

i must be comfy because miss kate actually leaves it on her head.
instead of ripping it off 2 seconds after it's put on.
a mother's dream come true.

thanks for letting me release my shopping tension.
and technically i didn't break the shopping ban since it was for katers.

ps. your return policy stinks, let's do something about that.



Thistles said...

I think that is a picture of her smiling!!!! Hopefully it will be cold enough on wed for the farm!

Camille and Paul said...

I love your blog and the letter format! You are so clever and sarcastic. Glad to have found this gem, thanks for sharing!