Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a day on the couch

runny nose.
man voice.
body aches.

lesson learned- don't kiss your sick daughter.

although these tiny feet are kissable
we love old navy's socks- so squishy

even though today sucks (aforementioned sickness and snow outside- snow people! what is this- MINNESOTA?!?!)
there is still good.
and i'm proud of myself for being able to notice the good.
go me!

at least miss kate is feeling good as new.
now our days are spent shrieking and giggling- hallelujah!

i'm thankful that jank is not in clinic today or tomorrow.
i'm relieved that we had some dayquil in the medicine bag.
i'm thrilled i don't have to work the rest of the week.
i'm happy that kater's halloween costume is completed and i don't have to work on it with kleenex shoved up my nose.

me in my jammies and slippers
jank teaching katers about animals using flashcards from the 80's. love them!

here's to hoping you can find the good.
and if you can't- that's ok.
some days just straight up suck.
there's always tomorrow.


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