Saturday, October 30, 2010


 inventor of trick-or-treating: 

thank you!
how does one come up with such an amazing idea?
knock on doors, demand food and give no payment?

all hallow's eve circa 1989
i was 6 and 1/2 and rocking the vampire look

jank and i reminisced about our childhood halloween adventures last nite.
we declared the best part of the whole affair to be post t-or-t'ing.
y'know, when you dump all your candy on the floor and take stock.
and organize it according to shape, color, candy type, likability....
(please tell me i wasn't the only kid enjoying the sorting process a little too much)
jank said the best part for him was bartering with his sisters.
"i'll give you 3 butterfingers for 4 reese's"
i'm sure he was scamming them... he loves to tease those two.

we wish everyone a safe and successful nite!
success for us is getting kate to hold still while we paint her face....
we did a test run a few nites ago and it went well.
here's to hoping!


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Thistles said...

Love the pictures! I look at my scrapbook all the time! Cant wait to see pics of Super Kate:)