Wednesday, October 6, 2010

rainy wednesday


someday i'll stop giving you nicknames.
oh wait, that'll never happen.

today i ran errands while you stayed home with your dad. 
music was blasted, windows were down, the sun was out and i was loving it.
"what a great day for a walk" i thought.
i returned home, we ate lunch and then this happened:

and i tried really, really hard not to get mad at the universe for pouring down rain but i have a problem called 'catastrophic thinking'. that's when something minor happens and instead of thinking "oh that sucks" and then moving on,  i think "oh that sucks, and now the day is ruined. my child will be cranky from lack of walk and because she is cranky i will become cranky and we will do nothing for the rest of the day except stare at each other and be cranky and then the sky will fall and a tornado will come and we will be homeless and cold". i know what you're thinking and yes, i am fully aware that this isn't healthy. i hope you don't inherit this way of thinking. please, please, PLEASE be like your dad. stuff just rolls off his back and it's so awesome.

so i channeled some jank and pulled some optimism out of my soul and lo and behold! it worked!! it was a great day filled with sweatsuits and chocolate cake for dinner.

you were content to play in your drawers, pulling EVERYTHING out and then shoving it all into your crib. it was very entertaining to watch. you're so easily frustrated right now but if you don't know anyone is watching you will keep working at it until you get it. if you know we are watching you give up quickly and give us a look that says "well, are you going to help me or not?!". such a stinker.

once you exhausted the "tear apart the nursery" game, it was onto the "play in the bathtub" game. this included putting everything into the tub (including a tube of tennis balls) and then banging around so that the neighbors could attest to the fun you were having. the best part is that you can't climb out of the tub yet so you were trapped. HAPPILY trapped. promise! you loved it.

and would a rainy day really be complete without a movie? of course not. so it was "mo" for us. no offense little one but elmo is quite annoying. i know you want to marry him and everything but he doesn't do it for me. i can't wait until we can watch disney movies together.

look how cute you look using that pillow that's bigger than you.

alright tiny, let's review what we learned today:

1. sweatsuits are awesome and should be worn as much as possible before you turn 4 and it's no longer socially acceptable.
2. positive thinking is great
3. sometimes being stuck in the apartment can be fun. (remind me of this when it's mid-january and we're pulling our hair out)



Kerrianne said...

Can I move in with you? I want chocolate cake for dinner!!

tiff snedaker said...

Yes, you need days like that. The bath tub IS indeed a good play place, especially when they can't get out. Maybe you should start introducing Kate to Disney. Put in a movie when she's doing something else, and I bet she'll sit down to watch it. Then you'll get to watch a million times like you have Elmo. ;)
Love the bottom picture of you two hanging out in your pj's. Isn't this what life is really about? (And chocolate cake.)