Monday, October 25, 2010

fancy jank

i just had my wedding prints scanned and put on a cd. 
now i can share that day with all the world...

thanks be to modern technology.

and to inkleys.

and to this man:

always on his cell... even on our wedding day.

lets me have the window seat.
rubs my feet.
calls me beautiful.
makes me laugh.
plays hide and seek with our daughter.
makes bacon and forgets to open a window so the apartment reeks for days.

(ok so the last one is not so great. but that's life)


1 comment:

Tyrel said...

That phone call looks intense! I love that he was on his cell phone on your wedding day. If he knew Jack at that time I would have bet he was talking to him. (because Jack would be the one to call someone on their wedding day)