Saturday, October 16, 2010



every good idea i have is taken from someone else's good idea.
i am a idea thief.
for this, i apologize.
but at least i give credit when credit can be given.


i hesitated to post this.
i debated for last two weeks about it.
i have no creative skills.
you have an amazing talent.
or talents, i suppose.
your photos and videos inspire me.
they make me so jealous i could scream.

it makes me happy that you are aware of your talent.
i'm glad you're following your dreams.
thanks for creating awesome stuff to look.

i hesitated to post this for many reasons:

~i know for most people it will be boring.
~i have fluorescent lights in my apartment.
~my video camera is nothing fancy.
~i sound ridiculous on camera.

and then i told myself to shut up and just post the dang video.

episode one

thank you for the inspiration!
your tessa is absolutely beautiful.

maybe someday i will recreate your maternity series.
because it almost made me cry it was so well done.
and i'm a sucker for pregnant bellies-
so weirdly alien and beautiful all at the same time.

thanks again!



1 comment:

Sarah Jane said...

She is such a cutie! And you don't have a weird voice! Great idea though!