Friday, October 1, 2010

good morning MN


i want you to know that although kate is growing waaaaay to quickly, some things remain the same.

she still likes to go out on the balcony and wave hi and goodbye to all the neighbors.
she still likes to bark at all the dogs on their morning walks.
she still loves bananas and has one every morning.
she still hates her car seat and cries EVERYtime we go ANYwhere.
and unfortunately she still gets called a boy...

this morning we were at the library and a lady said "oh, isn't he sweet"
you would've been proud of me- i didn't say anything to her.
(i wanted to snap "c'mon lady! she's a freakin girl! pink stripe hoodie, little turquoise shorts and pink shoes!!" but i refrained. it was difficult)

i wondered if i should pierce her ears to end all the confusion but i decided against it.
i always liked that you let bb and i decide if we wanted them pierced or not. 
it felt nice to be respected like that.
so we'll hold off on the torturing of kater's ears until she's old enough to decide for herself.
until then i will continue to hold my tongue.
(but i retain the right to mutter "idiot" under my breath)


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