Friday, October 1, 2010

who knew provo could be fun???

dearest cjane,

i have only been reading your blog for a few months now but it's already become daily read for me.
you've written things that have reached deep into my soul and helped me to see my life more clearly.
but tonight i'm not going to discuss your amazing writing.
although it does on occasion seem like words from heaven.
i'm merely going to thank you for a great date.
(with mr. jank, not you. although i'm sure that would be fun too)

we called it our 'cjane date'
bless my hubbers heart for even knowing who cjane is!
(turns out he actually listens to my incessant babbling)
we went to slab pizzeria because you toted it as fantastic.
jank was a little hesitant because he thinks he is a pizza connoisseur  (totally not!)
but at the end of 1.5 'slabs' he said "best pizza ever"
the man was happy.
i also thought it was phenomenal 
but i'm easy to please as long as cream, cheese, mushrooms and sausage are involved.

then we were off to your rooftop concert series.
but first there was a stop-off for some hot cocoa.
cuz you know if it's 70 degrees, it's totally time for hot cocoa.

we just thought we were in for a wonderful free outdoor concert.
i didn't realize that the opening act was libbie linton.
the same libbie linton that sings one of our favorite lullabies.
what a small world.
and she was amazing.
so thanks for her.

we had to skedaddle a little early since i was on call at 10
but what we caught of the main act 'lower lights' was rad.
a hymn revival group preforming for their first time together.
complete with tambourine.
i wanted to get up and dance (which i am not good at so i refrained)
instead i sang along and jancer tapped his feet.

the weather was perfect. the food was wonderful. i got to snuggle with my love.
the venue was awesome. the music was dance-worthy... what a great night.
(marred only slightly by katers' little face staring through bb's window as we drove away- so sad!)

so thanks a million for the inspiration for our date night.
and keep up the good work.


the jancers



c jane said...

Well dang if this post didn't make me tear up. My whole hope in this dark world is to give people reason to celebrate the good--whether through my blog or food or music--and you guys totally partook. This is satisfying to my soul. THANK YOU!

Thistles said...

Looks like such a fun nite! Thanks for documenting!

Anonymous said...

Is that a beer bottle in front of you???? I know it isn't, just thought it would be funny to ask!