Friday, October 29, 2010

randy and bob

oh Harmon's grocery store, how i love thee. 
  let me count the ways....

1. you carry mexican coke. in a bottle that requires a bottle opener. sweeeeet. i'm saving the bottles for who knows what. but they are just too awesome to throw out.

2. you give out free samples of your artisan bread. the white chocolate pecan is my fav. (of course it is- there's chocolate in it) kate's fav is whatever is the most plain and simple- definitely not an adventurous eater that one. but the boring white bread keeps her entertained for the duration of our shopping and that's why our first stop is always the bakery. bless those angels who make that yummy bread- they have prevented many tantrums. there's not words to express what that means to this mommie.

this pic was taken at 2:27 pm and she still has her pj top on under her zippie
i'm such an awesome mom

3. you offer to load my groceries for me. not that i let you, but it's nice to know you offered.

4. at the checkout stand you always ask "did you find everything ok?" and because i am my mother's daughter, i'm honest and i tell you if i didn't. then you proceed to send a employee to check to see if you do indeed carry the missing item. this week it was frozen ravioli for my lasagna (such an easy solution to messy lasagna!) and you don't act annoyed. major props to you.

thanks harmons!!

forever your customers,
the jancers


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hmullin said...

LOVE the jeggins... who cares if she has her PJ top on! her bottoms make up for it:)